Your Vision, Our Know-How
Like furnishing and décor, your door should complement your home’s unique architectural and individual style. TruStile Doors provides you with the ultimate flexibility offering unique design options, including common arch pairs, built-in mirrors and innovative applications like pivot and sliding barn doors.

Built-In Mirrors

TM9330 in MDF with mirror inserts and full-length mirror on inside

TruStile mirror doors add a new dimension to any space. Our mirror doors are a perfect space-saving solution for bathrooms, closets, dressing rooms and other applications where a full-length mirror is required on one side.

Sample cross section (one-sided mirror door)

Achieve total design form and function by substituting any wood panel for a mirror. Standard options include these mirror finishes: clear, silver crystal and bronze fibers.

Clear Mirror

Silver Crystal Mirror

Bronze Fibers Mirror

Arched Door Options

VG2020 arch-top in douglas fir

VG2020 arch-top in douglas fir

TS2080 radius-top in MDF

TS2070 radius-top in MDF

Soften the look of a conventional square-top door by adding an arch or radius to the top. Arch- and radius-top doors create architectural interest and can be used effectively across different architectural styles — from Mediterranean to Colonial.

All of our arch and radius panel and glass doors are available with an arch or radius top. What’s the difference between the two styles? Arch-top doors are slightly arched, while radius-top doors are more rounded.

Common Arch Pairs
TS3040 standard arch doors    TS3040 with common arch pair

Standard pair of TS3040 doors


TS3040 with common arch pair

Rather than placing two matching doors side by side, common arch pairs carry details across both doors, such as curved panels and rails. The end result? The doors actually look like they were made for the opening. Common arch pairs are also available with arch and radius tops.


TS3160 common arch pair in mahogany with Reeded glass


TS8010 radius-top common arch pair in knotty alder with custom glass inserts


TS3160 arch-top common

Closet Doors

VG2020 bypass doors in MDF

TS5000 pocket doors in MDF with white lami glass inserts

Bypass Doors

Wondering what pocket and bypass doors are? Bypass doors slide one behind the other and are often used for closets. Pocket doors slide into the adjacent wall and are used to save space in smaller rooms or to achieve a sleek look.

Our MDF bypass and pocket doors are constructed with our TopWedge® hardwood edge system to ensure the screw holding ability of hardware that is installed into the tops of these doors. These doors are available in any door style and material option, so you can achieve design consistency with the other doors in your project.

Example of pocket stile and pocket top rail

Architecturally-Correct Pocket Doors

TruStile offers a “pocket stile” and “pocket top rail” option for pocket door applications.

The pocket stile option provides one stile that is 1″ wider than the other. This allows 1″ of the door to remain in the pocket when the door is fully closed, creating the appearance of equal width stiles.

The pocket top rail option adds 1″ to the top rail allowing 1″ of the door height to remain above the finished opening height. This provides the benefit of completely concealing all the track hardware while maintaining the same visible top rail height as other TruStile doors in the home.

TS3160 4-leaf bi-fold door

Bi-Fold Doors

Even your closet doors can reflect your personal style. Most of our panel door styles are available in two- and four-panel configurations, allowing you to maintain design consistency with your other doors. All bi-fold doors come pre-fit with hardware.

Barn Doors & Pivot Doors

TM6100 in white oak with Shagreen Grey Oyster leather

Sliding Barn Doors

This popular space saving feature can be used in a variety of applications to easily separate larger rooms into more functional spaces.
Pivot Doors

Pivot doors can provide a dramatic focal point to a room and make them much more interactive.

They swing on an internal axis pin located on the floor and header of the jamb and can easily accommodate larger, oversized openings.

TM9130 in LVL with Patina Etruscan metal

Specialty Doors

Custom dutch door in mahogany

Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are divided horizontally into two components, allowing you to open the bottom and top portions of the door independently of each other. Originally fashioned to promote ventilation while keeping animals out of the farmhouse, Dutch doors remain a quaint way to improve the functionality of any space. TruStile can modify virtually any of our panel or glass door configurations to create a Dutch door.

TS2060 clipped corner door

Clipped Corner Doors

Designed to fit under a stairwell, TruStile’s clipped corner doors are available in any size and any panel style, allowing you to maintain design consistency with the other doors in your home. Built to exact specifications for your opening, clipped corner doors are handy for historic restorations.