Design Choices, Not Cost Limitations

STILEChoiceTM doors create new opportunities for architects, designers, and interior decorators. Our best example of this is our 7'6" door. A door in this height isn't available from most manufacturers. Those who do offer it generally add a significant upcharge and long lead times. The 7'6" STILEChoiceTM door costs only slightly more than the standard 6'8" door. Architects, designers, and interior decorators agree that a 7'6" door is the perfect compliment to a 9' ceiling -- an increasingly popular height.






Attention to Detail

Throughout every step of our manufacturing process we pay attention to even the smallest detail. From the clean fit of every joint to protecting your doors during shipping, we ensure you receive a quality product. For example, the design for profiles A and B, our "square" sticking, are slightly beveled to facilitate pre-finishing. However, it has the desired appearance of a typical square sticking.


Fire Rated Door Specifications

Matching Fire Rated Doors
  Single Door Double Door
  Category A and B Category A only
  Maximum Size Maximum Size
20 minute 3'6" x 8'0" 7'0" x 8'0"
45 minute 3'6" x 8'0" 7'0" x 8'0"
60 minute 3'6" x 8'0" 7'0" x 8'0"
90 minute 3'6" x 8'0" Not available

The STILEChoice Advantage

Primed MDF True Stile and Rail Interior Passage Doors

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Commercial 1-3/4"

Available Profiles

26 Profiles

1-3/8" thick doors

1-3/4" thick doors

Standard Designs

54 Standard designs

15 Standard Widths

4 Standard Heights

Over 120,000 Standard Doors and Counting

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Matching Hardwood

Fire Rated

The Green Thing

Recycled Content


Minimal Energy

Renewable Energy

Affordable Customization

Custom Heights Custom profiles (including matching your door)

Custom Widths

Custom Design and Specifications

Custom Profiles

Send us a door and we will match it.

The STILEChoice Advantage

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